All Existing Samsung Galaxy Watch band lug width size guide

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You can use a 20mm width band with:

* Galaxy Watch4 Classic (42mm & 46 mm)
* Galaxy Watch4 (40mm & 44mm)
* Galaxy Watch Active 2 (40mm & 44mm)
* Galaxy Watch Active (40mm)
* Galaxy Watch Sport
* Galaxy Watch (42mm)
* Galaxy Watch3 (41mm)

You can use a 22mm width band with:

* Galaxy Watch3 (45mm)
* Galaxy Watch (46mm)
* Gear S3 Frontier
* Gear S3 Classic

Source: Reddit

What make Garmin Fenix 6 watch bands and spring bars different

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Since Garmin Fenix 6, your watch accept standard watch bands without a Garmin adaptor. Garmin Fenix 5 or the previous model takes two star screwdrivers to loosen the pins. When it comes to Garmin Fenix 6, which comes in two FAT spring bars, it provides flexibility when you want to change to NON-Garmin watch bands, you now have thousands of choices, look for your compatible lug width watch bands from your Fenix model.

Top 5 budget premium watch brands for this Christmas season

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Halios Laguna watch

1. Halios

Seeking a premium microbrand diver’s watch for under $1000? Halios Watches has just what you’re looking for, presuming you can snag it in time. Born out of an online forum in 2009, the microbrand first targeted fellow hardcore enthusiasts who were fed up with corporate hyperbole. Numerous buyers have jumped on board in the time since. One glance at the Seaforth Bronze and you’ll know why.

Country: Canada


Quality and customisation reign supreme at Undone Watches, who can count us among its legion of fans. Choose between a healthy variety of core models before adding the personal touch in just about every department. Throw in some unbeatable prices and you’ll be saving money in style. And don’t forget: this independent watch brand does virtually everything in-house.

Country: Hong Kong


Made in Italy using Seiko movements, Unimatic’s watches are a minimalist, affordable response to the vintage timepiece trends. Its founders Giovanni Moro and Simone Nunziatom are industrial designers who’ve been been making (and selling out) watches in Italy since 2015. With a fundamentally tool-watch approach, the brand’s deceptively simple-seeming formula has been applied to a number of collections with interesting variations within each, collaborations with other brands — and even some surprising models adorned with SpongeBob SquarePants motifs. Don’t ignore their in-house cases, which are anti-magnetic and water-resistant to 300 meters, or their made-to-order options, which include engraved cases.

Country: Italy


One major theme that has emerged in recent years among not only microbrands, but the watch industry as a whole, is vintage-style watches. It seems that every brand is looking to mid-century styles to find influence for their current designs, but few — if any — brands do this better than Baltic. Founded in Paris in 2017 by Etienne Malec as a sort of tribute to his late father’s passion for watch collecting, Baltic creates original vintage-inspired designs like their popular Aquascaphe diver and GMT.

Country: France


The Helson watch company was conceived by a group of divers and sports fans from Asia and Europe. Their goal was to create several lines of divers watches that are reasonably priced, yet feature premium and long-lasting materials. Most Helson watches are designed for underwater use and are built to hold up under the rigors of an active lifestyle. They contract with Superluminova, ETA and Miyota for supplies in the creation of their high-quality wrist watches. Here are the five best models that are popular choices for Helson fans that are available on the market today.

Country: Hong Kong


Confirmed: All Samasung Galaxy Watch4 / Classic uses 20mm watch bands

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The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic comes in 42mm and 46mm case options and Galaxy Watch4 comes in 40mm 44mm. All of these Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic models work with the same 20mm sized bands. They all use the same pin mechanism on the back of each side of the band to release and attach them to the watch case.

Older Galaxy Watch 3 uses 20mm or 22mm watch bands. 

Lug Width on Smartwatches – Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin

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There’s a very good chance that our watch bands will work with your smartwatch perfectly. Most of the smartwatches have a standard lug that is designed to accommodate to any watch band by the lug width, please reference to our fitting chart below (Updated on Feb 2018): 


MakerModelLug Width(mm)Launch YearRemark
APPLEApple watch 38222016Adapters required
APPLEApple watch 42242016Adapters required
APPLEApple watch 40222018Adapters required
APPLEApple watch 44242018Adapters required
ASUSZenwatch 2 (Large)222015 
ASUSZenwatch 2 (Small)182015 
GARMINvívoactive 3202017 
GARMINForerunner 645 Music202018 
GARMINfēnix 5222017 
GARMINvívomove HR202017 
GARMINForerunner 935222017 
GARMINForerunner 235152015Special notch
GARMINDescent Mk1262017 
GARMINquatix 5222017 
GARMINApproach S60222017 
HUAWEIHUAWEI WATCH182015Band width 22mm
HUAWEIHonor Watch Magic222018 
LGLG Watch Style182017Band width 20mm
LGLG Watch Urbane222015 
MOBVOITicwatch 2202017 
MOBVOITicwatch Pro202018 
MOBVOITicwatch E202017 
MOBVOITicwatch C2202018 
MOBVOITicwatch S2222019 
MOTOROLAMoto 360 46mm (2nd gen)222015 
MOTOROLAMoto 360 42mm (2nd gen)202015 
MOTOROLAMoto 360 (1st gen)222014Special notch
MOTOROLAMoto 360 42mm for women (2nd gen)162015 
PEBBLEPEBBLE STEEL222014Special notch
SAMSUNGGalaxy Watch 46mm222018 
SAMSUNGGalaxy Watch 42mm202018 
SAMSUNGGalaxy Watch Active202018 
XiaomiAMAZFIT Bip Lite202017 
XiaomiAMAZFIT Smartwatch Pace222016 
XiaomiAmazfit Smartwatch Pace 2222017 
XiaomiAmazfit Smartwatch Stratos 2S222017 
ZTEZTE Quartz202017 

Watch Straps Wrist Circumferences Sizing Guide

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PRIMRIA watch straps are the combined length of the 2-piece straps – Upper Strap and Lower Strap. Standard lengths are 95/135mm, fits wrists approximately 6.25″ to 8″ wrist circumference in 8 increments. If your wrist size is outside this range, please feel free to contact us. Custom fitting is part of our service, free of charge. Our length of straps can be tailor-made to your wrist size. You can remark your specification/wrist circumference in the note area while ordering. To determine the length/lug width of your watch band follow these 3 steps. 1. Measure your watch case. 2. Measure your original band. 3. Measure your wrist circumference.

Measuring your watch case

Measuring the distance between the watch lugs in millimeters(mm) from your watch case, It is better to measure without the watch band as this will give you a more precise measurement. the popular lug width are 20mm / 22mm / 24mm.

Measuring your original band

In some case, your watch lug width is printed on the interior of your watch band. If you see any numbers (such as 20, 22, 24) that are the lug width of your band in millimeters (or mm). If your band does not have the printed number, you can also measure the width of the band from edge to edge.

Measuring your wrist

To measure your wrist circumference, you can simply wrap a piece of string or paper band around your wrist at the area where you normally wear your watch, do not give too much tension. Now you can mark a point on the string/paper where it crosses itself, and lay it flat on a flat surface and measure the distance between the marks. If you have a measuring tape on hand, it would be easier.

Here is a good measuring video:

Please contact us if you need some help selecting the correct strap for your watch.

Leather Care 101 – Vol. 1 Waterproofing your leather straps

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Water and humidity are the biggest enemy of leather products, the cause of stain and weaken the structure. In most of the time, you are stopped using your beloved PRIMRIA leather items because it is out of shape or the shine isn’t there anymore. It may be too late to rescue the situation. Actually, leather maintenance and waterproofing are very easy, definitely will increase the life time of your leather straps… Let take some time and try it together.

Oil inside leather evaporates overtime naturally, this is the main cause of cracking and weakening. The bonds holding the leather fibers together become brittle and are more easily broken. avoid water getting inside your leather product is very important,waterproofing spray is your best friend, prevents water in contracting the leather.

many people enjoy the aging process and changing into a nice patina from natural beige color. we recommend friend and family, apply waterproofing spray regularly, form a physical barrier that keeps mud and water away from the leather’s pores. if the weather is definitely going to be a rainy day, it is the best to apply a light coat of spray before out of your door. this practice will keep your PRIMRIA leather shine and protected.



Before applying the waterproofing spray, please wrap out the dust and dirt on the leather surface with a clean cotton cloth. 

Then bring your leather products to a balcony or outdoor and spray allover the surface. under the sunlight, it is easy to see any spot you are missing. keeping the distant between the nozzle and your product in 3 to 10 inch can get a coat of spray on the surface evenly.

After spraying, the leather surface will be wet, a bit deeper color. let the leather absorb the spray naturally. you can gently wipe with a soft cloth once after 30 mins.

After a few minutes, try to drop a few drop of water and test your waterproofing result. if the drop stays on the surface and did not adsorb into the leather. congratulation, your waterproofing is succeeded. reminder: this coating sustains around 2 weeks. 

Even with your waterproofing coating, it is the best to wipe it clean immediately if your leather got wet. if the leather got wet in the heavy rain, please give the leather sometime for a rest, leave it at home for a few days and do not try to use a blow dryer.


since the waterproofing coating is above the oil layer of the leather. any waxing or reconditioning can only be done after the waterproofing coating is less-effective. conditioning your leather will also repair some small scratches and make your PRIMRIA leather shine again. we will go into detail in our next article. 

Our featured leather straps

Premium Leather Watch Straps – TYPE A

Our recommended spray – Kiwi Protect All Rain And Stain Repellant