Fitbit Sense 2 / Versa 4 Watch Bands & Adapters Compatibility

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Not all Fitbit Versa 3/Sense watch bands are compatible with your newer Sense 3/ Versa 4, especially on third party watch bands and adapters.

  • Sense/Versa3 adapters may not be compatible with Sense2/Versa4;
  • Sense2/Versa3 adapters are compatible with all Sense/Sense2/Versa3/Versa4.

In the following adapter image, a rim exists on older Sense/Versa3 adapters, obstructed in inserting the watch property on the newer models, but removed on newer Sense2/Versa4 adapters. Some silicone watch bands may be able to be forced into a slot. Here is a compatibility list and our collection of Fitbit watch bands & Adapters

Fitbit Versa

Compatibility: Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2

Compatibility: Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa 3

Compatibility: Fitbit Sense


Fitbit Sense

Compatibility: Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 4 

Compatibility: Fitbit Versa 3, Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Sense 2

Fitbit Sense 2 

Compatibility: Fitbit Versa 4, Fitbit Versa 3, Fitbit Sense


Top 10 Seiko Mod Watch Ideas

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Seiko watch is the most popular and easy access in the mod community, Seiko SKX007 and SRPD series are the leader of Seiko mod. Seiko Turtles follow closely as the easiest to mod for those joining the world of aftermarket watch modification.

Basic mod on Seiko is not that difficult, pretty straightforward, just gotta figure out where to source the parts, the dial probably being the hardest part to find. Only changing the watch band will make a hug difference on your stock watches. Take your time, watch a lot of videos on how to do it (lumeshot is pretty good on youtube)

If you’re in the market for a Seiko mod watch, here are the top 10 Seiko mod watches you might want to consider.

Top 10 Seiko Mod Watches:

  • Seiko SEIKO SRPD Series
  • Seiko Men’s SSC017 Prospex Solar Chronograph Dive Watch
  • Seiko SNA411 Flight Alarm Chronograph
  • Seiko 5 SNK809
  • Seiko SRP777 “Turtle” Watch
  • Seiko 5 Automatic Dress Watch
  • Seiko Prospex SRP777K1 Diver’s Automatic Watch
  • Seiko SARB035 Alpinist Automatic Timepiece
  • Seiko SKX007K2 Diver’s Watch
  • Seiko SKX 007 Modification

Best 3 Seiko Mod Suppliers:


10 Best PANERAI watch leather straps bracelets on ETSY – Truly Handmade

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Panerai watches are known for the ability to change straps on them consistently. You are going to need a new strap holder shortly as this ten space one is filling up quickly.

I think the leather strap looks the best on the Panerai, we have collected some of our best watch bands with great rustic features we can find from Etsy.

File:Etsy logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Panerai, officially known as Officine Panerai, was founded in the 19th century in Florence, Italy, where by the turn of the century it had become the official timepiece supplier to the Italian Navy, or Marina Militare, a trademark the company still holds (and prosecutes heavily) to this day…

KNOWN FORRadiomirLuminor

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All Existing Samsung Galaxy Watch band lug width size guide

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You can use a 20mm width band with:

* Galaxy Watch4 Classic (42mm & 46 mm)
* Galaxy Watch4 (40mm & 44mm)
* Galaxy Watch Active 2 (40mm & 44mm)
* Galaxy Watch Active (40mm)
* Galaxy Watch Sport
* Galaxy Watch (42mm)
* Galaxy Watch3 (41mm)

You can use a 22mm width band with:

* Galaxy Watch3 (45mm)
* Galaxy Watch (46mm)
* Gear S3 Frontier
* Gear S3 Classic

Source: Reddit

Confirmed: All Samasung Galaxy Watch4 / Classic uses 20mm watch bands

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The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic comes in 42mm and 46mm case options and Galaxy Watch4 comes in 40mm 44mm. All of these Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic models work with the same 20mm sized bands. They all use the same pin mechanism on the back of each side of the band to release and attach them to the watch case.

Older Galaxy Watch 3 uses 20mm or 22mm watch bands.