About Us

About Us

PRIMRIA is a watch band and leather strap specialist, focus on wearable devices. Staying different and being individualistic, we want to add a little touch to your precious gadgets. Brighten yourself up and define your identity!


Our principle is based on 5 elements – craftsmanship, material, design, innovation, and satisfaction. we are proud to share every single product we made.

Welcome to the world of bespoke watch straps, where we meticulously craft each piece to elevate your timepiece experience. Our shop offers a diverse selection of premium straps that embody our commitment to excellence, driven by five core principles — craftsmanship, material, design, innovation, and satisfaction. We take immense pride in sharing every single product we create, as they represent the culmination of our passion and dedication.

At the heart of our watch straps lies masterful craftsmanship. Our skilled artisans dedicate countless hours to each strap, ensuring the utmost precision in every stitch and detail. We believe in combining traditional techniques with modern innovations to create truly exceptional pieces that stand the test of time.

We source only the finest materials from around the world, handpicking ethically produced and sustainable resources to guarantee lasting quality. Our collection features an extensive array of options, including supple leather, durable nylon, and fine material, catering to every taste and requirement.

Our commitment to design is evident in our diverse range, with each strap meticulously crafted to complement a variety of timepieces. We offer an extensive selection, from classic elegance to contemporary flair, ensuring the perfect pairing for your cherished watch.

Innovation is at the forefront of our mission, as we continuously explore new techniques, materials, and designs to create groundbreaking straps that exceed expectations. Our dedication to pushing boundaries ensures that our products remain at the cutting edge of the watch strap industry.

Most importantly, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We strive to provide exceptional customer service, ensuring a seamless shopping experience from start to finish. Our team is here to assist you in finding the perfect strap, confident in the knowledge that our products will exceed your expectations and enhance your timepiece for years to come.

Welcome to our watch strap haven — where timeless style, quality, and innovation come together to create the perfect accessory for your wrist.



Hiro Leung, Designer & Aria Stone, Co-founder

Our advantages

Our exceptional qualities set us apart and make us unique. By embracing and celebrating these attributes, we attract customers who share our values and appreciate what we have to offer.

Genuine double-layer leather straps

We only use premium selected vegetable-tanned leather, smooth finishing on front & back​

Solid stainless steel buckles

All our metal parts come from trusted suppliers, ensure quality and safety.

Custom color & fitting

Custom fitting is part of our service, free of charge, upon request on colors and preferences.

Personalized orders

Contact us if you have any special requests, we will try to make it happen​