Leather Care 101 – Vol. 2 What to do when watch leather straps get wet

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Sweat, moisture, and exposure to the elements can invite bacteria and lead to degradation of leather over time. To prevent this, I recommend applying a small, even layer of mink oil or high-quality leather conditioner to your leather goods once every 1-2 weeks. This helps nourish and protect the leather, keeping it supple and resistant to cracking or drying out.

When not in use, store leather straps in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Excessive heat and humidity can cause the material to dry out, while sunlight can cause fading and color changes over time.

If your leather straps, bags, or other items do get wet, it’s important to dry them out properly to prevent mold or mildew growth. Place the wet leather in a bucket or container filled with uncooked white rice. The rice will help absorb excess moisture from the leather. Let it sit for 12-24 hours, then remove the leather and allow it to air dry completely before storing or using again.

Proper conditioning, storage, and drying techniques like these will help extend the life and maintain the quality of your valuable leather possessions. Let me know if you have any other questions about leather care!

Youtube video on How I clean and recondition old leather straps

Leather Care 101 – Vol. 1 Waterproofing your leather straps

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Water and humidity are the biggest enemy of leather products, the cause of stain and weaken the structure. In most of the time, you are stopped using your beloved PRIMRIA leather items because it is out of shape or the shine isn’t there anymore. It may be too late to rescue the situation. Actually, leather maintenance and waterproofing are very easy, definitely will increase the life time of your leather straps… Let take some time and try it together.

Oil inside leather evaporates overtime naturally, this is the main cause of cracking and weakening. The bonds holding the leather fibers together become brittle and are more easily broken. avoid water getting inside your leather product is very important,waterproofing spray is your best friend, prevents water in contracting the leather.

many people enjoy the aging process and changing into a nice patina from natural beige color. we recommend friend and family, apply waterproofing spray regularly, form a physical barrier that keeps mud and water away from the leather’s pores. if the weather is definitely going to be a rainy day, it is the best to apply a light coat of spray before out of your door. this practice will keep your PRIMRIA leather shine and protected.



Before applying the waterproofing spray, please wrap out the dust and dirt on the leather surface with a clean cotton cloth. 

Then bring your leather products to a balcony or outdoor and spray allover the surface. under the sunlight, it is easy to see any spot you are missing. keeping the distant between the nozzle and your product in 3 to 10 inch can get a coat of spray on the surface evenly.

After spraying, the leather surface will be wet, a bit deeper color. let the leather absorb the spray naturally. you can gently wipe with a soft cloth once after 30 mins.

After a few minutes, try to drop a few drop of water and test your waterproofing result. if the drop stays on the surface and did not adsorb into the leather. congratulation, your waterproofing is succeeded. reminder: this coating sustains around 2 weeks. 

Even with your waterproofing coating, it is the best to wipe it clean immediately if your leather got wet. if the leather got wet in the heavy rain, please give the leather sometime for a rest, leave it at home for a few days and do not try to use a blow dryer.


since the waterproofing coating is above the oil layer of the leather. any waxing or reconditioning can only be done after the waterproofing coating is less-effective. conditioning your leather will also repair some small scratches and make your PRIMRIA leather shine again. we will go into detail in our next article. 

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